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EARTH-CENTRIC, LLC introduces natural renewable products made from starches extracted from corn, potato, tapioca, or other plant and vegetable matter, combined with biodegradable polymers, to create products that are biodegradable and/or compostable which help reduce the carbon footprint impact on the environment. Our every action has an impact on the well-being of our planet and our everyday decisions can help create a better world for all. Earth-Centric Biocompostables provide eco-friendly alternatives to everyday consumption choices, which can help minimize social & economic inequalities, reduce the impact of our consumption on the environment and help create a better and sustainable planet.



*ANNOUNCEMENT: Our New Commercially-Reusable Biodegradable BambooWare Has Now Arrived!  From Now until September 15th…for each order of our new BambooWare get a 10% discount from now until Sept. 15th!


"Sharpen your competitive edge by greening your business with biodegradable and/or compostable bags and deli containers.  Your customers demand environmentally responsible options.  You want to distinguish yourself from the competition and foster customer loyalty.  Achieve both simply by supplying Earth-Centric products.  Wouldn’t you spend a few extra cents on every transaction if it expanded your repeat customer base?  On this site you’ll find viable, affordable options to green -and grow- your business."



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